Calgary Residents Unite in Water Conservation Efforts Amid Major Main Break Crisis

The City of Calgary is currently facing a water crisis due to a major water main break that occurred last Wednesday, affecting thousands of homes. While water has been restored, the city's infrastructure is struggling to meet the demand, prompting officials to ask residents to reduce their water usage. Mayor Jyoti Gondek provided an update, mentioning that consumption has decreased from 650 million to 440 million litres of water. Outdoor water restrictions are in place, prohibiting the use of municipal water sources for watering lawns, gardens, and washing exteriors. Indoor water restrictions are voluntary and include measures such as limiting shower time, using dishwashers only when full, and turning off taps while brushing teeth.

City crews are working tirelessly to repair the broken 78-inch feeder main, located in the Montogomery/Bowness area. The ongoing repairs may take about a week to complete, during which residents are urged to continue conserving water. Crews are inspecting the feeder main for additional damage within a 100-meter radius. The community response has been positive, with residents reducing their water consumption significantly. The situation remains critical as officials continue to monitor and manage the aftermath of the water main break to ensure the city's water supply is maintained effectively.