Reimagine 17th Avenue SW: Beltline Neighbourhoods Association Seeks Feedback for Open Street Initiative in 2025

The Beltline Neighbourhoods Association in Calgary is seeking feedback on the possibility of piloting an open street initiative on 17th Avenue SW in the summer of 2025. This initiative aims to address issues such as overcrowded sidewalks, traffic congestion, and pollution, by creating a car-free zone that promotes pedestrian-friendly spaces. By transforming 17th Ave into a pedestrian zone, the project intends to boost the local economy, enhance community well-being and safety, and improve accessibility and mobility for all residents and visitors.

Drawing inspiration from successful open street projects in cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, the proposed plan involves engaging the public and businesses through surveys in 2024, developing a comprehensive plan based on feedback in winter 2025, and piloting the open streets initiative in summer 2025. The project's success will be assessed in the fall of 2025, with the aim of creating a safer, more vibrant, and economically prosperous environment along 17th Avenue SW in Calgary's Beltline neighborhood.