New Supportive Housing Project Opens in Calgary: Mustard Seed's HUB 29 Provides Affordable Housing for Families

Explore how The Mustard Seed's HUB 29 in Calgary offers affordable housing and supportive services for families, with government investment.

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Photo by Blake Wheeler / Unsplash

The Mustard Seed's HUB 29 project in Calgary has opened its doors to provide affordable housing for 24 families, supported by a $1.2 million investment from Alberta's government in partnership with the federal government. The project, which includes wheelchair-accessible units, a community hub space, preschool, daycare, and a community café and kitchen, aims to offer a supportive environment for families facing homelessness or at risk. Various government officials, including Minister Jason Nixon and MLA Tanya Fir, have highlighted the significance of this initiative in addressing the need for safe and stable affordable housing in the region.

In 2023, significant investments were made towards affordable housing in Alberta, with nearly 2,000 units committed to development and substantial funding allocated for capital maintenance and renewal. Various projects across different communities received financial support, such as Leduc Gaetz Landing, Blackfoot Family Lodge, and initiatives aimed at specific groups like Ukrainian evacuees and Indigenous communities. These efforts underscore the government's commitment to increasing affordability and accessibility to housing options for vulnerable populations across the province.