Calgary MLA Kathleen Ganley announces she is running for leadership of the Alberta NDP

Photo by Jack Carter / Unsplash

Kathleen Ganley has officially announced her bid for the leadership of Alberta's NDP, emphasizing key areas like the economy, teamwork, and victory in 2027. Backed by a team of MLAs, past candidates, and community supporters, Ganley's campaign is centered on building an economy that works for the people of Alberta.

In her launch, she criticized the current UCP government for its misplaced priorities, highlighting issues such as affordability, healthcare chaos, and job losses due to lack of focus on innovation and climate action. Ganley's campaign co-chairs, MLA Irfan Sabir and MLA Shannon Phillips, have endorsed her leadership bid, praising her intelligence, experience, and commitment to public service.

With a strong focus on education, economic future, and inclusivity, Kathleen Ganley aspires to lead Alberta's NDP towards a brighter future, promising responsive governance that caters to the changing needs of Albertans. Her colleagues commend her dedication to enhancing opportunities for all citizens and growing the party towards success in the upcoming 2027 election.

Ganley's leadership qualities are lauded for her intelligence, kindness, and vision for a prosperous Alberta, with a particular emphasis on economy, education, and party expansion. The team behind Kathleen Ganley urges Albertans to support her candidacy, believing she is the ideal leader to guide the Alberta NDP to victory in the future.