Israeli Police Approve Far-Right Jewish Activist March on Temple Mount, Raising Concerns of Escalation

Israeli police permit far-right Jewish activist march on Temple Mount/Al Aqsa Mosque, raising concerns of violence and tensions. and tensions.

Photo by Cole Keister / Unsplash

Israeli police have permitted a far-right Jewish activist march on the Temple Mount/Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Limited to 200 participants, the activists aim to challenge the control of the Islamic endowment that administers the holy site. Scheduled for the first night of Hanukkah, the march is known as the "Maccabi March," referencing an ancient Jewish rebellion. However, concerns have been raised about potential violence and backlash from Palestinians.

The Temple Mount holds religious and historical significance for both Jews and Muslims. While Jewish worship on the site has seen some relaxation of restrictions, Palestinians strongly oppose any Jewish religious expression there. There are fears that this march could provoke further tensions and potentially trigger violence in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, or along the Lebanese border. Critics argue that granting permission for this march is a dangerous provocation. Israeli authorities have assured that Muslim prayers on the Temple Mount will continue as usual and have pledged increased security forces to ensure public order during the event. order during the event.