Alberta Fire Chiefs Association Urges Government Action for Wildfire Preparedness

AFCA issues urgent call for Alberta's wildfire strategy amid concerns for the upcoming season and their proactive safety measures.

Photo by Almos Bechtold / Unsplash

The Alberta Fire Chiefs Association (AFCA) has issued an open letter to the Government of Alberta, expressing significant concern over the impending wildfire season. With the dry winter conditions in the province, the AFCA is urgently calling for disclosure of the provinces' wildfire preparedness strategy. Following a devastating wildfire season in 2023, where over 2.5 million hectares of land were burned, the AFCA highlights the need for a comprehensive and proactive approach to wildfire management.

In the letter, Chief Randy Schroeder, President of the Alberta Fire Chiefs Association, emphasizes the challenges faced during last year's wildfires and stresses the critical need for additional resources, increased training capacity, equipment, and the establishment of a Provincial Fire Services Advisory Committee. The AFCA underlines the importance of moving beyond reliance on municipalities for financial support in responding to wildland fires and seeks clarity on resource allocation, recruitment and deployment plans for firefighters and equipment.

The AFCA urges swift action from the government before the onset of the wildfire season to develop a clear, collaborative strategy involving all levels of government. Emphasizing the necessity for a well-resourced plan to effectively manage and mitigate wildfire risks in Alberta, the AFCA remains committed to working with provincial authorities, municipalities, and federal agencies to safeguard communities.