Concerns Raised Over Proposed Flood Mitigation Project in Alberta

Photo by Taylor Brandon / Unsplash

A ranch and conservation group located between Calgary and Cochrane is expressing worries about the potential impact of a flood mitigation project on the Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. The proposed East Glenbow Dam, part of a feasibility study for a reservoir along the Bow River, could result in significant damage to the park's trail system and nearby Haskayne Legacy Park. The park foundation CEO emphasized the importance of finding a solution that benefits all stakeholders, highlighting the critical role of the park in maintaining biodiversity and serving as an essential Alberta landmark.

Importance of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Emphasized Amidst Flood Mitigation Debate

Glenbow Ranch, designated as a provincial park in 2011, is not only a valuable conservation area but also a popular destination for summer camp programs and visitors. The park's CEO stressed the significance of preserving the parklands, grasslands, and wetlands, particularly with plans to expand accessibility through the construction of a new bridge. As discussions continue regarding the feasibility study and decision-making process, the importance of responsible flood and water management that considers the preservation of parkland remains a focal point.

Future Uncertainty Surrounds Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park Amidst Flood Management Plans

While the provincial government's decision on the feasibility study is expected by the end of 2024, concerns persist regarding the potential impact on Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park. The CEO highlighted the need for responsible flood management that takes into account the long-term preservation of parkland and its diverse ecosystems. As discussions unfold, the future of the park hangs in the balance amidst efforts to address flood protection for Calgary and surrounding areas.