Chestermere City Council - A timeline

The full story of Chestermere's governance concerns

Timeline of Events in Chestermere


  • January 7: Concerns regarding Chestermere’s governance expressed to Alberta's Ministry of Municipal Affairs.

  • January 26: Chestermere city employees begin the unionization process.

  • March 10: Alberta government launches a preliminary review into Chestermere's governance.

  • May 9: Municipal Affairs orders a formal inspection of Chestermere.

  • May 19: Mayor Jeff Colvin comments on the inspection's relation to the current council.

  • May 27: Chestermere city workers vote to unionize.

  • June 14: Rocky View County pulls out of Chestermere Rec Centre purchase negotiations.

  • July 19: Allegations of financial irregularities at CUI.

  • July 31: Investigations into three Chestermere councillors commence.

  • September 19: Municipal Affairs reviews Chestermere’s governance inspection report.

  • September 28: City sanctions and issues cease and desist letter to Councillor Narayan.

  • September 29: Province appoints official administrator due to council dysfunction.

  • October 6: Breach of residents' privacy by the city.

  • November 3: Review of draft municipal inspection report.


  • January 10: City Council rejects draft inspection report.

  • January 31: Mayor denies allegations about staff abuse.

  • February 2: Senior City of Chestermere official charged with assault.

  • February 21: City misrepresents financial statements.

  • March 15: Province releases inspection report finding mismanagement.

  • March 19: Stalled union negotiations in Chestermere.

  • March 26: Mayor challenges provincial inspection report.

  • June 29: Chestermere council accuses inspector of criminal offence.

  • July 17: Alleged assault trial ongoing for a senior city official.

  • July 24: Minister concerned over Chestermere council's response to investigation.

  • September 12: City demands response from Province ahead of deadline.

  • September 21: Chestermere seeks judicial review, alleging conspiracy.

  • September 25: Conflict arises as union alleges unjust dismissals.

  • October 19: Chestermere's legal victory in governance inspection dispute.

  • October 19: Chestermere faces potential investigation over a tax refund.

  • November 2: Chestermere claims to have fulfilled directives but challenges investigation.

  • November 7: Alberta Government plans to dismiss Chestermere City Council.

  • November 8: Financial concerns prompt Alberta Government's dismissal plan.

  • November 9: Chestermere battles Alberta Government's dismissal attempt.

  • November 21: Chestermere's legal battle with the Alberta Government.

  • November 30: CUPE accuses Chestermere of delaying union contract.

  • November 30: Court dismisses Chestermere’s bid against council dismissal.

  • December 4: Alberta Government dismisses Chestermere Mayor and Officials.

  • December 6: Remaining Chestermere councillors await forensic audit.