Calgary's Peace Bridge Fully Reopens with New Steel Tension Cables, Restoring Iconic Landmark

The Peace Bridge in Calgary reopens after repairs, featuring new steel tension cables for improved resilience and longevity. longevity.

The Peace Bridge in Calgary has reopened to the public after undergoing extensive repairs and replacement of its railings. Construction for the railing replacement and repairs began in April of this year, with the aim of restoring the bridge to its full design and functionality. The former glass railings were replaced with new steel tension cables, offering improved resilience and longevity. One of the major challenges faced during the project was maintaining the curved railing shape and transparency, which were integral parts of the original distinguished design. However, the team successfully overcame this obstacle while ensuring the bridge's unique features were preserved.

Throughout the construction period, the Peace Bridge remained partially open to maintain public access. Fencing was installed to protect members of the public following a vandalism event in 2022. Despite the temporary closure and ongoing construction, the bridge continued to serve as a well-used active transportation link. Calgarians eagerly awaited the full reopening and restoration of the bridge's width. Peter Phillips, Manager of Bridges and Structures, expressed excitement over completing the railing repairs and acknowledged the patience of Calgarians in anticipation of the bridge's reopening.

The design for the railing replacement was completed by a local architectural firm in consultation with Santiago Calatrava Architects and Engineers, the original bridge designer. This collaborative effort ensured that the restoration remained true to the bridge's essence and beauty. The construction was completed within budget and on schedule, highlighting the team's diligent efforts.

Councillor Terry Wong emphasized the prioritization of safety and security for pedestrians and travelers, ensuring the longevity of this iconic landmark for future generations to cherish. With up to 9,000 daily users in the summer, the Peace Bridge serves as a vital connection between the communities of Sunnyside and Eau Claire, spanning across the Bow River. The completion of repairs and the installation of new railings are expected to offer an improved experience for Calgarians and visitors, allowing them to enjoy this symbolic landmark for years to come.