A New Arctic Duo: Welcoming Baffin and Siku to the Calgary Zoo

Experience the new "Wild Canada" exhibit at the Calgary Zoo with its newest stars, Baffin and Siku, two magnificent polar bears.

polar bear under water

Photo by Peter Neumann / Unsplash

The Calgary Zoo has recently welcomed two new star attractions, Baffin and Siku, a pair of male polar bears. These magnificent creatures, aged six and seven, have traveled from Winnipeg's Assiniboine Park Zoo to their new home in Calgary. Their arrival marks a significant enhancement to the zoo's offerings, as they will be the new faces of the "Wild Canada" exhibit, set to open on December 1, 2023​​​

Baffin and Siku's journey to Calgary is a part of a grand initiative undertaken by the Calgary Zoo, aimed at redeveloping its Canadian Wilds area into the more expansive and immersive "Wild Canada" zone. This project, announced back in 2021, represented a $31 million investment, highlighting the zoo's commitment to providing a natural and engaging environment for these Arctic ambassadors. The polar bear habitat is a significant component of this redevelopment, offering visitors a unique glimpse into the life and habitat of these majestic animals​

​​The introduction of Baffin and Siku to the Calgary Zoo is not just an exciting development for animal enthusiasts and zoo visitors; it also plays a critical role in conservation efforts and educational outreach. Polar bears are among the most iconic symbols of the Arctic and are significantly affected by environmental changes in their natural habitats. By housing these polar bears, the Calgary Zoo aims to raise awareness about the challenges these creatures face in the wild and foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for wildlife conservation among its visitors​

​​​You can learn more about these new visitors by visiting the Calgary Zoo or checking them out online: https://www.calgaryzoo.com/wildcanada/