Calgary's Ring Road Completes Construction Ahead of Schedule

Calgary's ring road completion, enhancing travel with reduced congestion and stronger economic connections.

Night highway

Photo by kimi lee / Unsplash

The long-awaited completion of Calgary's ring road has finally arrived, as the west portion of the 101-kilometer road opens to traffic a remarkable 10 months ahead of schedule. The ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by Premier Danielle Smith, Mayor Jyoti Gondek, and Transportation Minister Devin Dreeshen, marked a historic milestone for the city. The completion of the ring road is expected to alleviate congestion on other roads, providing smoother and faster travel for commuters and long-haul truck drivers alike.

Premier Smith highlighted the significance of this achievement, noting that it will greatly benefit Calgarians and those traveling to the mountains. With the road's opening, drivers will experience less stop-and-go traffic, while long-haul truck drivers and commercial carriers will have safer routes. Mayor Gondek emphasized that the ring road aligns with the city's goods movement strategy, promoting economic growth not only for Calgary but also for neighboring regions. Moreover, the city has invested $25 million in improving road infrastructure along key arteries to complement the ring road.

Transportation Minister Dreeshen commended the foresight of former premier Peter Lougheed, who earmarked the land for a utility corridor, and highlighted the road's critical role in developing economic corridors. With seamless connections to major highways such as the Trans-Canada and Highway 2, the completed ring road is designed to accommodate up to 100,000 vehicles per day. Travel times are expected to be reduced by approximately 20 minutes for those using the west side of Calgary. Overall, this milestone achievement ushers in a new era of improved transportation efficiency for the city, benefiting both residents and businesses alike.