Calgary Unveils Vibrant 'Blue Sky City' Logo at $4.8 million cost

Calgary has unveiled its new logo for the 'Blue Sky City' civic brand, designed to symbolize unity and innovation among Calgarians. The logo, developed by Calgary Economic Development and Tourism Calgary, uses beadwork to represent the coming together of individuals in the city. Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek highlighted the city's resilience and community spirit, emphasizing that when Calgarians unite, there are no limits to what they can achieve. The new visual identity aims to project a message of inclusivity and progress, reflecting Calgary as a place where diverse cultures and ideas converge.

The branding initiative, costing $4.8 million and in development for over two years, aims to revamp Calgary's image and attract visitors to the city. The logo's incorporation of blue and yellow alongside the traditional red color palette embodies the city's sunny disposition and aspirations for 'blue-sky thinking.' While some critics question the price tag, proponents argue that the investment in rebranding is crucial for showcasing Calgary's evolution and attracting economic opportunities through tourism and business ventures.