Calgary Firefighters Toy Association Gives Back to Thousands of Kids in Need

Calgary Firefighters Toy Association's host Children's Christmas Party, bringing festive cheer to 3,500 kids in need.

Firefighter Turnout Gear

Photo by Matt C / Unsplash

The Calgary Firefighters Toy Association's annual Children's Christmas Party brought joy and cheer to around 3,500 children in need on Sunday at the Telus Convention Centre. The event, which has been running for 55 years, included festive performances, face painting, and the opportunity for children to take pictures with Santa.

The toys given out during the party were donated by generous Calgarians, with active and retired firefighters also contributing to cover a significant portion of the event's cost. Mark Hagel, the president of the association, expressed his gratitude for the success of the event but emphasized the ongoing need to support children in difficult circumstances. The Children's Christmas Party will continue to be held as long as there is a need within the community.

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