City of Calgary Inside Workers Overwhelmingly Vote in Favor of Strike Action Amid Contract Dispute

The inside workers union at the City of Calgary has voted in favor of strike action to support their contract demands, with 89% of members voting in favor of a strike mandate. The key issues at stake include wages and increased flexibility regarding work-from-home policies. Despite the strike mandate, the union has not yet issued a 72-hour strike notice as contract talks with the city and a mediator have resumed. The city expressed disappointment with the strike vote outcome but stated that discussions are ongoing in search of a fair and reasonable collective agreement.

D'Arcy Lanovaz, president of CUPE Local 38, highlighted that potential labor actions could range from working-to-rule to a full strike if necessary escalations are warranted due to what he described as a substandard offer from the employer. Both parties remain engaged in negotiations in hopes of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement while acknowledging the possibility of various forms of labor action should discussions not progress satisfactorily.