AMA Calls for Urgent Support to Save Overwhelmed Hospitals

The Alberta Medical Association calls for urgent support to address crisis in Alberta health care system

Photo by Piron Guillaume / Unsplash

The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) is urging for more support to address the overwhelming demand and long wait times in Alberta hospitals. The president of AMA, Paul Parks, expressed concern over the current state of acute care, stating that several factors are driving physicians out of hospitals and negatively impacting access to timely care.

The AMA has proposed four key actions to help alleviate the situation, including matching alternative relationship plan rates to current fee-for-service billing and addressing compensation reductions. Health Minister Adriana LaGrange assured the public that patient care is still being provided, with priority given to the sickest patients. Premier Danielle Smith acknowledged the issue and emphasized that efforts are being made to address the situation within the next six months.

Meanwhile, Alberta Health Services (AHS) stated that although hospitals are facing high demand, they are able to add capacity when needed. AHS has implemented actions such as adding beds where possible, increasing staffing, and coordinating patient movement to support patient flow.

The organization acknowledges that these measures may be challenging for families, but they are necessary to maintain capacity and provide timely care. AHS encourages Albertans to be aware of all available care options and choose the one that best suits their needs. The AMA and AHS are working towards finding solutions to reduce wait times and ensure efficient healthcare delivery in the province.