Alberta winter moisture levels below average

Alberta's winter precipitation trends: below-average rainfall, with 3 to 50-year lows in various regions.

Since November 1st, the unofficial start to winter in Alberta,precipitation has been well below average across most areas(Map 2), ranging from once in 3 to 6-year lows throughout most of Southern Alberta, to once in 50-year lows through large parts of the North East and North West Regions, along with much of the Southern Peace Region and a relatively small area lying northeast of Brooks.

Total accumulations in the agricultural areas are greatest along the foothills and through parts of the northern-half of the Peace Region, generally in the 10 to 20 mm range. This falls off quickly in other areas with 5 to 10 mm common through much of the Central and Peace Regions. Notably, much of the North West and parts of the North East Regions have received less than 3 mm since the start of winter