Alberta Launches Water Advisory Committee to Tackle Drought Challenges

Photo by Imani / Unsplash

The Government of Alberta has established a new Water Advisory Committee to address potential drought conditions in the province. Comprised of leaders from diverse sectors, the committee aims to provide recommendations on managing water resources effectively during times of scarcity. Led by Minister Rebecca Schulz, the committee will collaborate with stakeholders to prepare for and respond to the risk of severe drought, focusing on maximizing water supplies and finding sustainable solutions for future generations.

The Water Advisory Committee, chaired by Minister Schulz, will offer insights and recommendations to support communities, farmers, ranchers, and businesses in conserving and managing water resources. Collaborating with various stakeholders, including municipalities, industry, and Indigenous groups, the committee will work to implement proactive measures and response plans to address the challenges posed by potential drought conditions. Through ongoing dialogue and collaboration, the committee aims to ensure water security and sustainability for Alberta's residents and ecosystems in the face of looming drought risks.